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Horizon Fintex
Horizon licenses and operates global securities exchanges.

CoinDesk investigation points to KYC/AML gaps

How our blockchain technology works together to usher in the future of trading

What’s the significance of Upstream as an Ethereum layer 2 solution for trading securities

Talks about UEFA’s $8.2B COVID fund implies that the top clubs could reap the most benefits, what other options do European football clubs have?

What types of assets are we targeting for our digital stock exchange and trading app


Can NFTs have insider trading when they aren’t under any legal jurisdiction?

NFTs are here to stay, what will it take for the market to expand outside the crypto realm

Building GFX & Upstream into a global hub for unique fan engagement & trading opportunities

Are loose regulations for security token offerings blocking growth in the US?

Incoming regulations could be coming for the $2.5B NFT market

Horizon Fintex

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