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Horizon Fintex
Horizon licenses and operates global securities exchanges.

Can NFTs have insider trading when they aren’t under any legal jurisdiction?

  • OpenSea team members may not buy or sell from collections…

NFTs are here to stay, what will it take for the market to expand outside the crypto realm

Building GFX & Upstream into a global hub for unique fan engagement & trading opportunities

Are loose regulations for security token offerings blocking growth in the US?

Incoming regulations could be coming for the $2.5B NFT market

SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s recent comments on crypto and the implications

“This asset class is rife with fraud, scams and abuse in certain…

Details on the partnership aiming to give fans the ability to own & trade music shares & NFTs from award-winning producers & songwriters

“Beatclub connects our growing music creator community with industry-leading producers. Our partnership with Horizon and Global Fan Exchange adds another key component in driving artists’ success by mobilizing fans and allowing them to connect with creators in an entirely new way.”

— Timbaland, Beatclub Founder

The digitization of fan engagement and opportunities to come

Virtual fans

Horizon partners with SME 360 to expand GFX to sports teams and celebrities across Asia Pacific

“The possibility of not only generating but maintaining viral fan engagement is built into Global Fan Exchange. Our partnership with Horizon and GFX creates an innovative value add for our talent looking to leverage their personal brands and generate new revenue streams.”

Martin Jolly, SME 360 Founder

What Circle’s SPAC says about the longevity of SPACs and stablecoins

The SPAC appeal

Horizon Fintex

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