Horizon Fintex

Dec 18, 2020

5 min read

Horizon & MERJ announce ‘Upstream,’ an exchange built to unlock liquidity in the global crowdfunding market

How Upstream plans to unlock liquidity in the $5bn crowdfunding market

What’s the significance?

  • Upstream is not an Alternative Trading System (ATS). An ATS is a dark pool that doesn’t allow for open communication outside of its walls. Upstream is a MERJ Exchange market, a global securities exchange with a transparent orderbook servicing issuers around the world. Upstream will offer regulated trading and settlement of cash market securities to investors of all levels.
  • Built primarily to support crowdfunding industry. While traditional marketplaces may cater to sophisticated investors, Upstream was built for investors of all levels with streamlined trading strategy tools and unique engagement features to keep up with the start-ups you invest in.
  • Transparent, investor-driven market enforced by blockchain technology. Although kept in the background as to maintain an intuitive trading experience, Upstream enforces MERJ market rules using blockchain technology. Upstream has a public orderbook with best bids and offers transparently displayed in real-time on the Ethereum public blockchain. The orderbook is driven by the investor community rather than market makers.
  • Multi-currency exchange. Investors’ accounts include new named fiat bank accounts set up inside Upstream to safely deposit and withdraw funds. Investors securely trade and instantly settle securities in EUR, USD, JPY or GBP using the Upstream app. Securities eligible to list include common stock, preferred stock, bonds and compliantly issued security tokens.
  • Home to fan-driven asset classes. Upstream supports securities offerings tied to fan-driven asset classes including athletes, sports teams, celebrities, and musicians that immediately become eligible for secondary trading.

Quotes from the Upstream team: