Horizon Fintex

Dec 17, 2021

6 min read

Upstream enables traditional equities to be bought using USDC stablecoin for the first time through dual listings

Horizon-powered exchange offers global liquidity potential for NASDAQ, OTC Market & International Issuers

“Upstream has created the ability for digital currency to be used to buy U.S. and International equities, representing the first time that traditional equities can be bought using USDC stablecoin,” says Upstream President Mark Elenowitz. “We believe Upstream supports the future of global trading that forward-thinking issuers are after, bringing them into the digital age with a real-time trading app that harnesses the efficiency of crypto markets.”

“Upstream features all the perks of an overseas national securities exchange, but with competitive listing fees and next generation trading features making it both convenient and efficient for international traders to trade securities,” said MERJ CEO Ed Tuohy.