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Sep 24, 2021

5 min read

What trading opportunities will Upstream support?

What types of assets are we targeting for our digital stock exchange and trading app


Typically in an IPO, the general public has to wait for the stock to begin trading on a national exchange in order to purchase shares. With trading apps like Robinhood, you’re able to place a “Pre-IPO” order but you’re not participating in the IPO, you’re just entering your orders for when trading begins.

Crowdfunded Companies

Over the last few years, billions have been invested in early-stage companies, yet no dedicated exchange has existed to provide exit-liquidity for these investors. Upstream aims to provide the first global exchange for crowdfunded securities to trade in real-time from the userfriendly trading app.

Digital SPACS

Upstream offers the world’s first blockchain-based SPAC IPO marketplace, aiming to give investors of all levels direct access to listed SPAC IPOs using crypto in the form of USDC stablecoin or fiat.

Athlete & Celebrity Ventures

In the last couple of months, we’ve announced strategic partnerships with Grammy-winning, international superstar Armando Christian Pérez, aka Pitbull, Sports Media and Entertainment 360 “SME 360”, and Timbaland’s upcoming beat-sampling platform ‘Beatclub’ to bring unique music, entertainment, and sports investment opportunities to fans.

The Upstream Experience

  • Direct access to the exchange. Most trading apps offer windows into the exchanges, but aren’t exchanges themselves. On Upstream, investors are given direct access to the exchange through the Upstream trading app. Traders are empowered to control their securities directly on their phones and all transactions are biometrically protected. As an investor-driven market, Upstream differs from many of today’s markets where pricing relies on market makers and routing order flow.
  • Transparent orderbooks. Arguably one of the biggest advantages of blockchain technology is the ability to enhance transparency. Putting information on a blockchain inherently makes it immutable. This is why Upstream features a transparent orderbook with best bids and offers transparently displayed on a public orderbook. The orders you see come from other investors in the community to maintain an accurate and fair marketplace.
  • Digital currency and traditional payments. On Upstream, traders from around the world can participate using both digital currency in the form of USDC stablecoin and traditional bank payments. We think USDC will enable Upstream traders to transact using digital currency without having to worry about the intense highs and lows of Bitcoin or Ether, a reassurance that has proven valuable. For issuers, it also offers enhanced price discovery from traditional traders and the blockchain community.
  • Real-time trades and settlements. For most trades on traditional exchanges, settlement is T+2, which means the actual transfer of ownership takes place two business days after the execution of the trade. With our integration of blockchain technology, Upstream offers real-time trades and T+0 settlement, which means that the trade and transfer of ownership takes place immediately.

About Upstream:

Upstream, a MERJ Exchange Market, is a fully regulated global stock exchange for digital securities. Powered by Horizon’s proprietary matching engine technology, the exchange will enable investors to trade shares in SPACs, high-growth startups, and other unique asset classes directly from the app https://upstream.exchange. Interested issuers can reach the team at hello@upstream.exchange.


GFX is not a registered broker dealer and will not take commission based fees. Securities transactions are conducted through registered broker dealers in the United States and internationally on Upstream, which is a MERJ Exchange market. MERJ Exchange is a licensed Securities Exchange, an affiliate of the World Federation of Exchanges and full member of ANNA.